How To Sell Proxies

Let’s speak about how proxies relate to real money. Depending on your sector and goals, proxies may provide you with a lucrative sideline or a full-time income.

We’ll go through a few real-world examples to show you how to generate money using proxies, whether for your company or simply for yourself. Use the table of contents to find the information you’re looking for quickly, or read the whole list for a comprehensive overview.

What is a Proxy Server, and What is its Type?

A proxy server is a computer that serves as a link between a user and the web. It allows you to access the internet using a different IP address to keep your information safe from potential danger.

There are several types of proxies, which include:

  • Residential proxies. These proxies come directly from an Internet provider. These are IP addresses that are associated with a genuine physical location, have a high degree of anonymity, and are less likely to be banned due to their ability to look like they are coming directly from a home/personal internet connection.
  • Datacenter proxies. These are proxies that come from data centers. These proxies serve as an intermediary to help users extract data from certain websites. These are a great economical option and are great for large scraping projects due to their speed, but can easily be banned due to their faster than human speeds.
  • ISP proxies. Proxies that combine the authority of residential and the speed of data center. These IPs are generated from a computer but are recognized as real Ips.

Proxy servers are further separated into two categories: dedicated and shared.

  • Dedicated Proxies (also known as private proxies) are used by a single individual. They give consumers private IP addresses as well as complete security.
  • Shared Proxies are those that several users utilize at the same time.

How Do People Get Proxies To Sell?

The most direct approach to converting proxies into money is to resell them. The best way to do so is to work with a supplier that encourages resale and provides ethical and high-quality proxies.

Many people and businesses need proxies but do not have the skill or understanding to research and choose the most appropriate source for their needs. They put their faith in you to do the studying for them.

You may save money on the per-IP pricing by purchasing high price competitive proxies in quantity, which you can then resell at a profit to your customers.

Another option is to become an affiliate if you do not want to make the first financial commitment. Your service provider and business partner will supply you with a build-up link. As you spread the word about their goods, you will get a commission for every transaction made via your affiliate link. Rayobyte’s affiliate program pays a 15 percent reward for any individual who signs up for our goods and services after clicking on your unique link, which is available only to you.

Methods to Make Money By Ethical Proxy Selling

Not only are you able to resell proxies, but there are many use cases that you can share with your potential customers. We go over a few here:

Setup public proxy server

Proxies are widely used as web browsers. Users search for public proxy servers to mask their IP addresses and identities. With a proxy or a group of proxies, you can easily create a public proxy that anybody can use and make money from clicks and other activities on the ad.

Track Google rankings using SERP tracker

Websites want to be on the top page of search results as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) becomes a big commercial potential. Neither chance nor the age of the website is a factor in this.

With a proxy, you can scrape keyword positions and ranks. You may sell this data for a profit. People and businesses purchase this data to help with SEO.

Use social media to generate money

Proxies can aid you with social media advertising when used with the software. Since you’ll be using many IP addresses, you may establish multiple profiles on the social networking sites listed above and start creating your campaign.

With a webserver and the correct software, you may earn a fortune if you have your business. Then there’s the option of offering online services through proxies.

Encryption using a reverse proxy

All websites must have an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate to be deemed safe and secure. And each certificate is  expensive. Imagine owning five domains and paying for five different certificates. So, using your proxy to make SSL encryption cheaper for consumers or corporations with several websites is a way to generate money.


When it comes to viewing the internet anonymously, proxies are the way to go. Because you’re using a bogus IP address, no one will be able to determine your true identity. You may, however, go farther than this. Proxies may be used to generate money, and who doesn’t want to make money? Tips like this may open doors of opportunity for those who are business-minded.

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