How Can Proxy Selling Generate Passive Income For You?

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There is a huge demand for quality proxies. With their various use cases and benefits to any internet user whether it be an individual or business, it can be a lucrative passive income opportunity for any entrepreneur.

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The real question is, what do you need to do in the proxy selling world to make your side hustle stand out? In this article, we go over the tools you need for proxy selling, ways to market your business, and the most important tool of all, partnering with the right proxy partner in order to get the most benefit out of your business.

What Is Proxy Selling?

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Proxy selling is a potentially lucrative business for your entrepreneurial spirit. An added addition for nearly every internet user, proxies act as gateways between a user and the internet. You send out a request in which the server responds, but instead of sending it directly to your IP address, your proxy is able to filter that response keeping your IP anonymous.

There are three different types of proxies that you can resell: data center, ISP, and residential. All three have their pros and use cases that are ideal to them.

Data center proxies are proxies known for their speed and affordability. Located in data centers, these proxies are also easily detectible as their activity online is too fast to be a human’s. Websites looking for this will easily be able to distinguish these IP addresses and ban them.

Residential proxies are proxies that are sourced from individuals and businesses. These will have the most authority due to being tied back to a physical address – however they are not as fast as ISP & data center. They are still idea for all sorts of use cases and will be a little more expensive, but well worth the investment.

ISP proxies are a combination of data center and residential proxies. ISP’s have data center speeds and are housed out of data centers. The difference? These IPs are assigned to an ISP (internet service provider) so they are harder to detect – making them like residential proxies.

It’s important to know the different kinds of proxies and their advantages as you step into selling these yourself. Make sure you are able to understand the differences in order to help your customer base get the best possible proxies for your customers individual use cases.

What Kind Of Tools Do You Need For Proxy Selling?

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You have made up your mind about starting a proxy selling business but don’t know how to start it. In other words, you would want to know the kind of tools for it. So, follow the below guidelines.

Step 1: Create a website

A relatively low-cost, easy way to establish an online presence is to create a website. Publishing information on the details of your business including your pricing plans, proxy types, a blog to discuss all things proxies, contact information and an easy place for users to purchase proxies will be important to establish for your business.

You can also set up different social media profiles in order to engage with your audience and help determine your target audience, which we go over next.

Step 2: Set up target market

It’s important to understand who your target market will be. As mentioned before, pretty much anyone can stand to use a proxy in some capacity whether it be an individual or a business. A few important questions to ask yourself:

  • What kind of proxies will I be selling?
  • Will I be selling full time or as a side hustle?
  • Who could stand to benefit from these types of proxies?
  • What use cases will my proxies bring a benefit to?

This will be a good jumping off point to ask about your future customers. Lots of data can be found on social media websites as you engage with audiences, different forums and conversations online can also be found in order to zone in on your target market(s).

Step 3: Partner with a reliable proxy provider

As a reseller, you want to focus on pushing product, working directly with your own customers, and watch the cash come in. You’ll want to partner with a proxy provider to take on more of the backend tasks.

When you partner with Rayobyte, you get more than a proxy provider, but a proxy partner. You get to choose your prices, how many proxies you want to sell, get a customized dashboard for your clients, and Rayobyte’s world-class customer service. You are not in this alone!

Ways To Market Proxy Business:

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There are many ways to market your proxy business. From the question above “who is your target market” – will very much inform where you want to be on the internet. Maybe you want to target proxy users who are looking to cop sneakers. You’d want to be on the relevant social media channels, social groups, etc. where these users hang out. Maybe you are looking to help businesses scraping for information which requires a completely different marketing strategy. Knowing your target market will inform your marketing tactics.

A few ways to market your proxy business include setting up social media accounts, creating different types of online ads, guest posting on other websites, blog writing, making videos etc. The opportunities to market your business online are vast and wide!

Conclusion: How To Start Selling Proxies

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Starting an online business has never been easier. With no inventory, and a few clicks of a mouse, you are able to start selling proxies online according to your needs. You can sell three types of Proxies as Residential, ISP, and Data Center. All three of them are different from each other based on its usages and it’s important you know the difference. Rayobyte is here to help you navigate this new and exciting journey. Partner with us today to start your proxy reselling adventure.

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