How You Can Make Money With Proxies?

make money with proxies

As the topic of “how to make money online” becomes more and more popular, it’s important entrepreneurs are looking at all outlets in order to do so. It’s also important to do all you can in order to be an early adopter. Today, we want to talk about a specific way to make money online: making money with proxies.

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Due to the significant security concerns on the Internet, every internet user can stand to have added security through a proxy. The options for reselling proxies are practically endless! You can sell to both individuals and businesses.

This article discusses more in-depth what proxies are, how to make money with proxies and what kind of proxies you can resell to make money.

What Are Proxies?

learn how to make money with proxies

Proxies are a barrier between you and everything else on the internet. It masks your IP address allowing you to do many things (see next section for use cases) while online. You are allowed to send a request on the internet to a server, and that server will the information to you reading your proxy’s IP address, hiding your real location.

There are many benefits for anyone browsing the internet to use proxies. They can hide you from those dreaded “how does this advertising company know what I’m thinking” ads, help with cybersecurity, scraping and more!

What Are The Different Ways You Can Use Proxies?

different ways to use proxy

Proxies have a large number of use cases. It will be good to understand those use cases within the scope of developing a target market for your company. Since both individuals and businesses can use proxies, it will be good to see just how they can and how you want to market & sell your business! Maybe even sell to BOTH! But first, knowing how they are utilized.

Geo-blocked content:

There are some websites that are unavailable to certain users due to their geographical location. With a proxy, one can get access to that website!  A great selling point for individuals looking to increase accessibility online.

Ad verification:

If a company is looking to run ads and wants to make sure that the right type of users (not bots) are seeing their ads, proxies make it possible to verify those ads.


If you are running a website based on any service or business, you might get loads of security issues whenever accessing it from your IP Address. Meanwhile, connecting it with a random gateway will also cause many security issues.

Due to these reasons, the use of proxies will allow to mask of the IP and provide extra protection. Proxies will conceal your IP and work as a buffer.

How To Make Money With 1,000 Proxies:

how to make money with 1,000 proxies

There are essentially two different ways that you can make proxies: using them yourself for profit, or reselling them to others for a profit. There are benefits to both. We go over a couple of different use cases for how to make money with proxies but using or selling.

Market research and scraping:

Different start ups and even established businesses will need to do market research. That includes competitors, pricing, sentiment analysis on themselves/others, what the competition is doing, etc. In order for that to happen, companies will need to scrape for data. You are able to provide these businesses using scraping technology and the right proxies the information that they need – at a price, of course!

SEO And social media:

You are able to extract data from search engine results to help boost a company’s SEO strategy and keep track of live updates on where the company’s pages are. Think about it this way, one landing page could be raking in thousands of visitors and dollars per month. It would be pretty important to keep that page ranking right at the top!

With social media, you can track competitor’s data, your own followers engagement, and help companies better manage accounts.

Proxy reselling:

Proxy Reselling is another good avenue to make money with proxies in the market. With a few steps like determining who you want to sell to, the type of proxies you want to resell, making a website, building an online social media presence, and getting the word out there, you can start selling proxies in no time.

What Kind Of Proxies Can You Resell To Make Money?

different way to make money with proxy

Three different kinds of proxies are available that you can sell: ISP, data center, and residential.

All three of them have their pros and cons depending upon the customers’ needs.

Data center proxies:

Data center proxies are known for the speed and economical costs. Hosted in data centers, these IPs are unfortunately very easy for websites to track and ban.

Residential proxies:

Residential proxies are going to be the proxies that have the most authority as they are sourced from a person’s home or business. This also makes them the most expensive option. However, if there is a use case where staying un-banned is the highest priority, residential proxies are going to be their best option!

ISP proxies:

These proxies combine data center speeds and residential-like authority. They are housed in data centers but are associated with an ISP – giving them residential authority.

Benefits of Reselling Rayobyte Proxies:

how to resell blazing seo proxy

Rayobyte doesn’t want to just sell you proxies, we want to be your proxy partner. When you go into this, you are not going to be alone. Our team will provide you and your customers with world-class customer service, a beautiful dashboard that we have designed. Or, you are able to customize if you want. You also have the freedom to price your proxies however you want. The sky’s the limit with how much money you want to make when reselling our proxies.


conclusion on making online money

Making money with proxies has never been easier with Rayobyte’s new reseller program. With a customizable dashboard, world-class customer service, and the freedom to price how you want, how you can make money with proxies just became a no-brainer. Contact us today!

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